Book 8 | Islamic Curriculum

The eighth part of the Islamic Curriculum series. Key topics of this part include; lessons on nikah, talaq, ahadith on rights of forgiving others, the life of ‘Uthman (ra).

Story of Ayyub (as), Iman, the shortness of life and etiquettes of debates and discussions.

Complete with its very own workbook with differentiated activities using Bloom’s Taxonomy.

(7 customer reviews)

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7 reviews for Book 8 | Islamic Curriculum

  1. Nazeefa

    As a student using this company book for beyond 4 years, I think it is better for younger students and the hadiths are too long for anyone in the mosque to learn.

    • An Nasihah Admin

      Assalamu ‘alaykum

      Jazakallah for your comment. The Ahadith are only supposed to be memorised in book 1-5. Thereafter, the Ahadith are much longer and are to be used in discussion about the given topic.

  2. Mastura H.

    excellent, easy reading and understanding

  3. Azra P.

    Lots of useful content

  4. B.fedous

    super good bc i love ottomans

  5. Hafsa Ahmed

    Very good

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