Does An Nasihah provide discounts?
Yes, discounts are offered for educational organisations.

Please visit our order form to place an order: https://an-nasihah.com/order-form/

Discounts are offered up to 35%.

How do I place an order for my organisation?
Please visit our order form to place your order: https://an-nasihah.com/order-form/
What payment methods do you accept?
Payments can be made via Bank Transfer (details are found in your email) or you may send a cheque payable to An-Nasihah Publications. Cheques are to be sent to An-Nasihah Publications 58 Buckland Road, Leicester, LE5 0NT, United Kingdom or you may make a card payment over the phone by calling 07414044561
I have already placed an order can I update it?
Yes, you can update your order by calling us on 07414044561

Please quote the order reference when updating your order, which can be found in your order confirmation email.

How will I know the status of my order?
Once an order has been placed paid for and confirmed you will receive an email from the courier giving you up to date confirmation of the whereabouts of the order.
Will I receive an invoice?
Every order placed by an organisation will receive an invoice via email, which was provided, with payment details and discounts listed on the invoice.
What happens if I can’t find my reference number?
The reference number will be found in the subject box of the email you receive as confirmation of your order. It is all found at the top of the invoice attached in that very same email.

All references begin with the letters FL.

As a Distributor am I applicable to receive any discounts?
All distributors are to visit our website and complete the form. We will then have a member of our team contact you.


Returns and Cancellations

Can I return or exchange my items?
Yes, you may return the books purchased in accordance with the policy. Please find our returns policy below.


Can I cancel an order after placing it?
Yes, you may cancel an order after placing it.

Please note, once an order has been sent out, the customer will be liable to cover costs of delivery.

Teacher's Handbook and other Guides

How do I use the An-Nasihah Teacher’s Handbook/ What is the Teacher's Handbook?
The Teacher’s Handbook is a collection of ideas to aid a teacher in presenting the days' lesson with a dedicated Lesson Objective, Starter Activity ideas, the Main Body and Plenary ideas. There are also different additional activity ideas, splitting them into groups of practical activities, creative activities and at times further discussions to probe the young minds of the students.

Teachers will also find various Teacher’s Tips, Sunnah methods of teaching as well as Home Links, to give students something to take home and implement.

Formative and Summative Assessment assistance is also offered in the book. SMSC, PSHCE, SEAL and Shared Values is also present at the back of the book which will prove beneficial for teachers to aid in the days' lessons.

Is there a mark scheme for the workbooks?
Yes, the mark schemes have been prepared for the Workbooks and will be published soon.
Can I adapt an activity in the Teacher’s Handbook to suit my own timings?
All activities presented to teachers in the Teacher’s Handbook are adaptable to suit the teachers needs. They allow for flexibility to be of utmost benefit to students and teachers.
Where can I find the resources to use with the Teacher’s Handbook?
The Teacher’s Handbook gives guidance to teachers on what resources will be required for certain activities. The An-Nasihah website provides further resources for the benefit of teachers.


I have an activity that really works but it is not in the Teacher’s Handbook. What can I do?
If you have an activity that works but is not in the Teacher’s Handbook, use it for the benefit of the students and share it with us on the An-Nasihah teachers forum to help other teachers using the curriculum.


Coursebooks and Workbooks

At what age do children start the books?
Students will start the books at Book 1 aged 6 and finish upon completion of book 8 aged 14.
What should I teach before Coursebook 1 (6 Years Old)?
Before Coursebook 1 at the ages of 4 and 5, many children cannot yet read. The focus is on helping the student learn the Qaidah. Along with this short masnun duas are taught to them and for more advanced children short surahs. They will be told various stories with easy to understand morals. This being their early forays into Madrassah.

There is no book in the syllabus for students before the age of 6.

What should I teach after Coursebook 8 (14 Years Old)?
As of this moment, we are preparing content for students post 14. This will include content pertinent to teenagers of today's society. Our focus on creating this content is to nurture individuals who are productive and God-fearing Muslims.

We hope to announce its release soon.

In the meantime, many students of this age group usually leave Madrassah to focus on their GCSEs. But for those that do stay on, there are resources available. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Are there any special considerations for teaching Coursebook 1 & 2?
Coursebook 1 & 2 are for students aged 6 and 7. Most children at this age will have the ability to read for themselves. However, we advise teachers should assist the students in reading and understanding the content with clear explanations and elaboration. Coupling this with practical activities and demonstrations. We want students to master the content not merely read it.
Do I need to complete the Coursebook and Workbook in one academic year?
The coursebook and workbook should be completed in on academic year in an ideal scenario. This will help the student master the content that has been delivered to them rather than simply read through the book. Certain topics may be taught over a period of time allowing for multiple activities to be done. Making lessons fun and engaging for the students.
How long is a coursebook taught for?
The flexible nature of the An-Nasihah Curriculum is such that the teacher is able to choose how long they wish to teach the coursebook for. Teaching it for an hour, for 45 mins or a half hour. This time can be split appropriately to accommodate time for teaching and time for conducting written or practical activities to reinforce learning.
Do students need to be grouped according to age?
An ideal scenario is that students are grouped in accordance with their age groups, making it easier for the teacher to educate the group. If that is not possible then a maximum of 3 groups are to be made with the 3 separate books being taught in a manner that the other groups remain engaged in their work whilst the teacher is with the third group.
Does each student need a Coursebook/ Workbook?
For students to benefit wholly from their Madrassah experience it would be beneficial for all students to have a coursebook and a workbook, so they are able to study and complete the activities to reinforce what they have learnt, be it at Madrassah or at home.
How do I use the coursebook?
The coursebook is split according to its subjects, giving the teacher the flexibility to teach as much or as little as they wish in accordance to the level of the students they are teaching.
Do students use the Coursebook and Workbook in class or at home?
Students will study the Coursebook in class and time-dependent they will also do the Workbook activities in class. However, if work was to remain they can complete it at home. Best practice would be to have enough time to finish all the work in class.
How do we conduct examinations for students using the curriculum?
Alhumdulillah, An-Nasihah has prepared an Examination Portal which allows teachers to create exam papers with pre-prepared questions and mark schemes which will test the knowledge of the students, giving a wholesome picture to the teacher of where the student is in respect to attainment.

The portal has over 2,000 questions allowing teachers to prepare papers with ease. The portal has 3 separate tiers; Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each one has its own membership perks. For more details please get in touch with us via our contact page.


Delivery and Tracking

How long will my delivery take?
All orders are shipped via Parcelforce, using their 48-hour service. A 24-hour express service is available, accruing an extra charge.

International Orders:

Please allow 3-5 working days for your delivery to arrive.

Can I provide specific delivery instructions?
Yes, please use the notes section of the delivery form to provide us with your specific instructions. For example, an alternative delivery address to the organisations.
How do I reschedule my delivery?
To reschedule a delivery that has been shipped, you can call Parcelforce to reschedule your delivery using the shipment reference number you were provided with by Parcelforce via email.
When will my order be dispatched?
All orders are dispatched once payment has been cleared.
Can I track my order, if so how?
You may track your order with an up to date service provided by Parcelforce who will provide a tracking number in their email to you, allowing you to track your order until delivery

Parcelforce give a designated time slot for the estimated delivery time.

Will I get a call before delivery?
You will receive a text message of a designated one-hour time slot during which time your order will be delivered. Allowing for you to ensure someone is present to accept the delivery.
What happens if I miss my delivery?
A delivery card will be left providing details on how to reschedule your delivery.
What happens if my order is damaged in transit?
If your order has been damaged in transit, please call us on 07414044561

We will assist you in finding the best solution possible.

I still haven't received my order, what should I do?
If your order has not yet arrived after 72 hours we request you give us a call on 07414044561 or email us and resolve the issue.

Islamic Curriculum Series

What subjects does the An-Nasihah Curriculum cover?
The An-Nasihah Curriculum covers 7 subjects.

Fiqh, Ahadith, Tarikh, Sirah, Aqaid, Akhlaq, Adab.

Is the An-Nasihah Curriculum available as an eBook/PDF/online?

Yes! All the Coursebooks are now available on https://nasihahworld.com as a digital copy along with hundreds of fun games, activities and multimedia. Head over there and create an account to enjoy these and upcoming features.

What resources or learning aids can I use when teaching?
The An-Nasihah teachers handbook has resources detailed for many lessons which you can use. You can also head to the teacher’s forum on the An-Nasihah website where you will find resources from teachers from various organisations.
Can I adapt the syllabus to a weekend/weekday Maktab?
The An-Nasihah Curriculum is unique in the way it was developed to cater to all different types of Makaatib. Be it a Maktab running through the week or part-time, or even one day a week, the Curriculum is adaptable to your teaching needs.

The teacher is able to pick and choose the subjects they want to teach for any period of time and ensure the student's needs are catered for without making it difficult for them to progress in their learning.

The An-Nasihah Curriculum has been tried and tested in different scenarios and environments with very positive results. Proving that it is a unique and adaptable curriculum perfect for your Maktab/ Organisation.

What school of Islamic law (Fiqh) is the content based on?
The Islamic Curriculum is based on the Hanafi school of Fiqh.

We have also developed an Islamic Curriculum based on the Shafi school of Fiqh if you would like more details please get in contact with us on 07414044561

What references and sources do you use for your publications?
The An-Nasihah Curriculum has been prepared by Ulama, Muftis and professionals alike keeping in mid authenticity and correctness of the content therein. All sources of content are kept by us and are available on request. We do have bibliographies at the rear of our coursebooks which contain the sources of our content.
Does the An-Nasihah Curriculum focus on Tarbiyah (Moral and Spiritual development) of the children?
The An-Nasihah Curriculum has been developed in such a manner that their Social and Moral development is being done throughout the books.

Additionally, SMSC has been mapped out in the Teacher’s Handbook. Stories which are found in the books are focussing on giving students lessons and morals to take away and implement in their daily lives.

Who writes the curriculum?
The Curriculum is written by Ulama, Muftis and experienced teachers. We also have various professionals on board who contribute towards the curriculum.
Is the Curriculum reliable?
The Curriculum has been checked by various Ulama and endorsed by many more. Feedback and endorsements can be found on our testimonials page, linked below.


Does a teacher need to be proficient to teach all subjects?
A teacher should have prior knowledge in order to be able to teach the various subjects. Conducting individual research and/ or having prior training would also be sufficient as the Curriculum has been developed in a way to make it easy for the teacher to teach the subjects.
Is it better for one person to teach the full curriculum to the same class?
It is not a requirement for one teacher to teach one class. The way the subjects have been developed it is easy for several teachers to teach different subjects across different age groups.
Will the curriculum fit my timetable?
The An-Nasihah Curriculum is unique in the way it was developed to cater to all different types of Makaatib. Be it a Maktab running through the week or part-time, or even one day a week, the Curriculum is adaptable to your teaching needs.


Will the content be enough for my lessons?
The content has been prepared in a way that it is not overbearing for the students neither is it too less. It is just right for students, giving them enough information that enables them to know the topic and practice upon what they have learnt. Leaving the information which is of no concern to them at the age they’re at.

Knowledge is increased in a spiral approach through the books so students are educated in accordance to their relevant age.

CPD Teacher Training

Does An-Nasihah deliver teacher training?
Yes, An-Nasihah believes in the teacher being the most important in the classroom, not the books. We believe in training the teacher to be the best they can be to deliver the best education to the students. Which is why An-Nasihah provides training sessions across the country, having trained hundreds of students to date. With further training sessions scheduled for the future. Please visit our page to see where your next training session will be.


What teacher training courses are available?
There are currently 2 CPD accredited courses available.

  1. Effective Teaching
  2. Behaviour Management
How much does the teacher training cost?
Each teacher training lasts 3 hours, at its conclusion individual participants will receive 2 CPD certificates. One for Effective Teaching and the other for Behaviour Management. Additionally, each participant will receive course materials and activity ideas.

The cost of the full course is £10.00 per person.

Exam Portal

What if I pick the wrong plan?
If it so happens that you have chosen the wrong plan for you and your organisation, we welcome you to contact us on 07414044561 and we will help work with you to find the best plan for you.
Are there contracts or commitments?
There are no contracts or commitments once you have selected your membership, you will have access to everything under that membership plan for a year.

For the next year, you will have the opportunity to select the same membership plan, alternatively, there is an option to select a different plan that will suit you better.

What are my payment options?
We have various payment options. Payments include major credit cards which are taken over the phone. Payments are also taken by cheque and direct bank transfer

Note: Accounts will only be activated once payment has been cleared.

How much does Exam Portal cost?
Exam Portal membership prices begin at no fee for the Bronze membership. Memberships are available to all those using the Islamic Curriculum.

Two further memberships are available:

Silver: £10 per subject, per year

Gold: £4 per student, per subject

Further details can be found: http://examportal.staging.an-nasihah.com/pricing

Do you have tutorials to show me how to use the Exam Portal?
Yes, you can head over to our YouTube channel and find a number of tutorials giving you step by step guidance on how to make an ideal paper.
Can I download the exam papers in Microsoft Word format?
Yes, all questions from the Exam Portal can be exported as Word files for you to edit as you wish. Papers can also be exported as PDF files, prepared and ready to print.
I already have an account on the Exam Portal, how can I upgrade?
If you are the Examination Officer with an existing account on the Exam portal, the next time you log in, you will find an option before you allowing you to upgrade to the Silver or Gold membership package.