Book 1 | Islamic Curriculum

The first part of the Islamic Curriculum series. Key topics of this part include; important facts on the five pillars of Islam, introduction to taharah, ahadith on helping others, cleanliness and speaking the truth.

Our Beloved Messenger Muhammad’s (saw) childhood & youth. The stories of Adam (as) and Nuh (as), the articles of Faith, the importance of respect and the etiquettes of eating, drinking and sleeping.

Complete with its very own workbook with differentiated activities using Bloom’s Taxonomy.

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Need some help? Can’t decide on which book would be most suitable or want to check out what each book covers? Check out the full overview of topics for all 8 levels on the Syllabus Chart below.

4 reviews for Book 1 | Islamic Curriculum

  1. Umm A’isha

    MashaAllah, so much thought and work has gone into this books. We have chosen this curriculum for our madrassa.

  2. Michael Bagajan

    Slm well done for good work jarzakalAllah

  3. Maulana Ismail Ali

    MashaAllah, i have been using this Kitaab in my Madrasa and the pupils seem to be loving it! They have more interest in learning too!

  4. Aadil Malik

    Very Structured and clear for teachers and students to follow.

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