Book 5 | Islamic Curriculum

The fifth part of the Islamic Curriculum series. Key topics of this part include; lessons on hajj & ‘umrah, ahadith on ghibah, the Treaty of Hudaybiyah.

Stories of Musa (as) & ‘Isa (as), Jannah and Jahannam, importance of patience and the etiquettes of social interaction.

Complete with its very own workbook with differentiated activities using Bloom’s Taxonomy.

(14 customer reviews)

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14 reviews for Book 5 | Islamic Curriculum

  1. Shuayb

    I have been teaching this book as part of year 5 Islamic Studies in an Islamic school and have found it to be engaging and beneficial for the pupils.

  2. ummuhaleemah

    Masha Allah i have been teaching the An Nasihah syllabus for 2 years now and Alhamdulillah have found them to be very beneficial for pupils. it has subjects updated to this day and age which are very important to teach to our children/students.

  3. fazila

    The books are so beneficial and easy for children to understand. would 100% recommend.

  4. Anonymous


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