Book 2 | Islamic Curriculum

The second part of the Islamic Curriculum series. Key topics of this part include; lessons on wudu’ & ghusl, ahadith on kindness to neighbours, the first revelation.

Stories of Hud (as) and Salih (as), the revealed books, importance on keeping promises, kindness to animals and etiquettes of greeting one another.

Complete with its very own workbook with differentiated activities using Bloom’s Taxonomy.

(25 customer reviews)

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25 reviews for Book 2 | Islamic Curriculum

  1. Rupina Begum

    Very efficient service and delivery was prompt too. My son has been enjoying using these books.

  2. Sarah

    Super fantastic. I am so happy to see this Allahamdulillah. And I got to know u guys through Instagram through little Alim.

  3. Sidra Jabeen

    Good book for kids

  4. Habib

    Amazing, they even gave a discount without even asking for it. May Allah reward you.

  5. Anonymous

    Book prices is too high, it’s an Islamic education book, price needs to be reasonable.

    • An Nasihah Admin

      Assalamu ‘alaykum

      Jazakallah for your feedback. If you struggle to pay for our books, please do get in touch with us so that we can see how to can support you in acquiring high-quality Islamic books in sha Allah.

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