A Guide to Muslim Parenting

A unique, short and comprehensive book catering for our busy lifestyles in the 21st Century. Bite-size tips on different aspects of parenting through an Islamic perspective. If read with an open heart and mind, this can transform or better our parenting skills.

“I had an overview of the book; ‘A Guide to Muslim Parenting’ Masha-Allah I found it to be very informative and well presented. May Allah accept the effort & make it beneficial for all the readers.”

Shaykhul Hadeeth Moulana Abdul Raheem Limbada


7 reviews for A Guide to Muslim Parenting

  1. Asma

    I’m really enjoying the bitesize pieces of information in this book. Easily digestible, really thought provoking and helps to audit and review modern parenting, ensuring that we remember to consider Islamic tarbiyah alongside.

  2. Anonymous

    The book is concise and comprehensive. Was able to finish it quite quickly. Enjoyed the inclusion of references from the Quran.

  3. Sara

    A well rounded book covering numerous topics. I can literally get my children to open the book up at any page and we can discuss that concept. It has been nicely written, making it easy to digest and remember. I enjoyed reading the supported hadith/quran’ic quotes added throughout the book regularly.

  4. Fatimah Khan

    Very happy with my purchase.

  5. Anonymous

    Worked on these online with friends and kids during covid. During the lockdown period online had lost its glamour with me and due to eye strain i was more inclined to pick up a physical book instead of an ipad or phones. However kept coming back to these nasiha books, quizzes online. With their easy language, accessible presentation i highly enjoyed relearning my basics. Using them as a reference to teach my siblings and their kids was a joy. Therefore… ordered the whole set!!!

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