Madrasah Pupil Planner & Homework Diary

A spiral bound, unique planner and homework diary, specifically designed for use in Maktab/Madrasah. Serves as an excellent medium for communication with the parents and a vital progress tracker. Having lots of ‘did you know facts’ at the end of the planner makes it a revision aid too. Also includes reward charts, assessments results Suwar tracker, daily salah record, homework timetable and lots more.


5 reviews for Madrasah Pupil Planner & Homework Diary

  1. Maryam T.

    A very thoughtfully planned out book, would definitely recommend for academy schools or large classes. Allahuma barik, ameen.

  2. Taaiba

    It is amazing I love it

  3. Amna Omer

    quick delivery. thanks

  4. Yasin Mossodeea

    Alhumdulillah very interesting

  5. Muhammad

    Got it for my son’s madrasah. Very useful

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