A3 Surah and Dua Board Game Book 3

This is a fun way to help your class revise the different Surah and Duas they learn throughout the year.
It is preferable to print this out on A3 paper. You may need to buy
some dice and counters (or DIY them if you'd like). You may also tell
the pupils if they have to read the meaning with the Surah and Dua too.

Surah &
Dua Board Game

How to play:

  • Have 1-5 players.
  • Choose a counter each.
  • Roll the dice.
  • Whatever square you land on, you must
    read the Surah/Dua.
  • If you get the answer correct, you can
    stay on that square. Otherwise, you must start again from the beginning.
  • Whoever gets to the end first wins.